Performance, Scholarship, Presence aims to serve as a gathering point for critical practices and reflections in dance studies in Montreal. Supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in 2017, with generous contributions from Slippage/Duke University and the Institute for Dance Studies/University of Toronto, a group of scholars, artists and curators joined forces, motivated by a deep love for dance as culture and expressive form and by the potentiality of movement to model social justice.  Under this rubric in 2017, two events took place: the third iteration of Duke University/Slippage’s Configurations: Performance Curation and Communities of Colour (June 1-2) and the first iteration of Focus on Dance Research (November 9–11).

MJ Thompson is a writer and teacher working on dance, performance, and visual art. Her dissertation, Impure Movement: Mundane Body Techniques in 20th Century American Choreography (NYU 2009) was recipient of the Cynthia Jean Cohen Bull Memorial Award for Academic Excellence. She was a Lillian S. Robinson Fellow at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute in Montreal in 2010. Her articles have appeared in Ballettanz, Border Crossings, The Brooklyn Rail, Canadian Art, Dance Current, Dance Ink, Dance Magazine, The Drama Review, Women and Performance, Theatre Journal, and elsewhere. She is currently Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies and Practices, in the department of Art Education at Concordia University.